Cognac Michel Forgeron • Cognac 43° • France

Visual examination: The Napoleon has a sublime Brown Gold colour, very bright and present Mahogany reflections. Olfactory examination: A very fine nose with aromatic notes of spices, nuts, caramel. But also stewed fruits and pastry notes. Taste examination: Flexibility, roundness, subtlety. An impressive array of flavors on the palate with a long finish. A finish on buttered toasted notes.

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Cognac Michel Forgeron • Cognac 45° • France

Visual examination: It has a color of a light reddish brown, with hints of gold. Olfactory examination: A powerful and lively nose. Aromas of lemon and woody notes: pepper, cloves, fresh Tobacco. Taste review: Intense cognac that thrives in a thin and graceful Rancio. Great aftertaste of vanilla and toast.

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