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Ipsum Siozard
Ipsum wines Siozard
Ipsum Siozard


The twin brothers David (left) & Laurent (right) Siozard are now the 6th generation of this wine family in Bordeaux and own different domains in this top area. Sharing the same passion, each one is playing its part and is working with the same ambition/goal/aim: to produce a range of quality Bordeaux wines that will be the most pleasant to you!
Ipsum is a piece of text that actually has no meaning and was used by letter setters not to divert attention from the form and style ... Just as with them, the wine is central.

Siozard Ipsum Terroir


With their different domains, they have a variety of terroirs from this top region. Moreover, all vineyards and accommodation were also adapted to the needs of our time. The vineyards meet the highest qualitative requirements and strictest ecological standards (Since 2016: Terra Vitis certificate). In addition to their Châteaus in Entre-Deux-Mers and Barsac (Graves), they also produce a series of tasty monocepages, which is not obvious in a typical "assembly" appellation such as Bordeaux. 

Siozard Ipsum Wines


All of them are wonderful interpretations of Bordeaux's most famous grapes. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and even the original Bordelese and cast-off grape Carmenère reveal their unadulterated character through a modern and contemporary range of 4 wines. Moreover, the Merlot is without added sulphites.

- Ipsum Bordeaux Terra Vitis Carménere Pur: Carménère is one of the oldest grape types from vineyards of Bordeaux. Classic vinification in temperature controlled vats. Maceration during 5 days. Alcoholic fermentation during 10 days at 20°C. This exceptional Carmenere cuvee offers delicate notes of cherries which subtly come to balance itself with the spicy touches of black pepper. Tannins are round and the freshness in mouth offers a very beautiful final.

-Ipsum Bordeaux Terra Vitis Cabernet Sauvignon Pur: Cabernet Sauvignon is one of most planted vines in the vineyards of Bordeaux. This exclusive vintage is made from the noble Cabernet Sauvignon grape. Classic vinification in temperature controlled vats. Alcoholic fermentation during 10 days at 15° C for a best aromatic expression. It has a superb expression of notes of cherries and red fruits that come up subtly balanced with a slightly smoky touch. The tannins are round and gourmand. The freshness in the mouth offers a very nice finish on the fruits.

- Ipsum Bordeaux Terra Vitis Cabernet Franc Pur: Cabernet Franc is one of the most elegant grape types from vineyards of Bordeaux. Classic vinification in temperature controled vats. Alcoholic fermentation  during 10 days at 15°C for a best aromatic expression. Wine with a shiny ruby colour. Expressive nose at the opening with finely  spiced and floral notes. Slightly full-bodied tannic mouth where you can find  the spicy peppery flavours. Beautiful aromatic persistence. Wine affirming  its identity and personality that will accompany pork meats or grilled lamb  chops.

- Ipsum Bordeaux Terra Vitis Merlot Pur Sans Soufre Ajouté: Merlot is one of most planted vines in the vineyards of Bordeaux. This is a natural wine made of 100% merlot without adding any sulfite, which ensures a better protection of fruits in the wine. Classic vinification in temperature controled vats. Maceration during 5 days. Alcoholic fermentation during 10 days at 20°C without any addition of sulfite. This is pure merlot, crispy and delicious , this wine of thirst, fluid and elegant has to be drunk slightly chilled for your enjoyment. Round, soft, with very nice notes of fresh red fruits with silky tannins, a wine for any occasion.